GS Foods Group is a world-class foodservice distributor. Our decades worth of expertise in the food industry helps you navigate the complexities of foodservice programs. We provide a variety of comprehensive solutions for operating and managing your business.

Our Mission

The GS Foods Group mission is to be the future of the foodservice industry by procuring the finest products, providing superior customer service and nourishing people across the globe.

Our Story

1978 Gold Star Foods founded
1990 GoodSource Solutions founded
1996 Northwest Distribution acquired
2002 Harvest Farms acquired
2012 Acquired ASR Foods
2014 Ed Jones Foodservice purchased
2014 Dori Foods acquired
2016 PON Food Corporation acquired
2017 A&R Food Distributors purchased
2019 GoodSource and Gold Star merge
2019 GS Food Group founded
2021 Hayes Distribution acquired
2021 Fresno Produce acquired
2021 School Lunch Products acquired
2021 C&C acquired
2021 Thurston Foods acquired
2022 Graves Foods acquired
2023 Lamm Food Service acquired
2024 Diamond Foods acquired


Our leadership team brings tremendous food distribution experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation to the day to day operation of GS Foods Group. The years of experiences have created a solid foundation for GS Foods Group as a national food service distributor with valuable partnerships with customers and suppliers, first-rate capabilities and customer service unlike any other.
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